Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I was feeling like those leaves by the roadside: blown away by passing cars, swept away by the labour weary street sweeper.

Jalaludin Rumi tells us to be leonine.

Muhammad SAW says:

Meditation in God is my capital
Reason and sound logic are the root of my existence
Love is the foundation of my existence
Enthusiasm is the vehicle of my life
Contemplation of Allah is my companion
Faith is the source of my power
Sorrow is my friend
Knowledge is my weapon
Patience is my clothing and virtue
Submission to the Divine Will is my pride
Truth is my salvation
Worship is my habit
And in prayer lies the coolness of my eye and peace of mind

ascribed to Ali RA

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  1. what's leonine?
    yeah, i like this poem! But 'sorrow is my friend'? That's so sad! :(