Saturday, March 28, 2009


3 weeks to finals.

Tests and assignments come by the truckload. I have a paradigm shift now.

Since I am a hopeful undergraduate of a "World Class University", I take this challenge because I cannot complain about other people's inefficiency and procrastination. And it's gonna be harder in the REAL WORLD OUT THERE, so this is an exercise.

3 more semesters. I will go through this shitfest with a smile on my face.

Shit is not a bad word.


I just want to curl up in my bed reading story books. Listen to Enigma, look at photos on Flickr and pretend I am faraway from here.

I sorely miss Japan. 言葉にできない。

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Just Dance

I learn more outside the classroom.

1. I knew that Boeing and Airbus are actually companies, not just airplanes.

2. Why different glasses are used for different wines.

3. You have a shot of tuak (a local brew) at every house in a long house. If there are 26 in one stretch, you get 26 shots.

4. KFC fries chicken differently.

5. McD fries fries differently.

6. Why MAS serve guava and orange juice all the time. I drank the guava a lot because it was delicious. TL said travelers need a lot of vit c, check the history of the discovery of Australia for a more accurate story.

7. There is a place where you can explore who you are and won't be judged. I can't go though. I am 21 but it'll be 21 years till I truly become 21.

An old man danced and sang to the music in JM Briyani while we had lunch, not caring about people.

Not caring about my judging him for not being appropriate.

I secretly envy him.

It's a good idea to extend lunch breaks, no?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Why are birthdays celebrated?

That's right. It takes your mind off the fact that you are another year closer to death.

I am 21 years closer to death. Thank you for your well wishes and presents and hot air balloons.

Birthday wish: to be where you are.